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September 07 2017

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August 28 2017

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Happy Birthday to one of my favourite directors. Long Live The King...
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August 25 2017

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 I know I can't the make the bad go away. You're right, I can't. But when the bad comes again, I am gonna be next to you
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July 21 2017

Why do you have to try so fucking hard to seem crazy?
— Palo Alto, Teddy to Fred
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-I love you...
-I thought you didn't wanna hear about love anymore?
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You've gotta get rid of it, rabbit.
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The sky is always changing...
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Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix- Mary Magdalene
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May 17 2017

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March 02 2017

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This is so accurate 
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February 21 2017

You have a soulmate? Somebody who challenges you. I'm talking about someone who opens up things for you- touches your soul.       
— Sean to Will, Good Will Hunting

July 06 2015

I do what I do best - I take scores. You do what you do best - Try to stop guys like me..
— Neil McCauley,Heat

July 03 2015

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June 19 2015

Twenty eight days, six hours, forty two minutes, twelve seconds...that is when the world will end...
— Frank the Bunny, Donnie Darko

June 16 2015

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two men on opposite sides of the law
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Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on, in 30 seconds flat, if you feel the heat around the corner.

February 16 2015

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Elizabeth,Elizabeth. I love you. Would you please come back by the time I count fifty?
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February 15 2015

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E&J 9 1/2

January 11 2015

They say when a parent dies, a child feels his own mortality. But when a child dies, it's immortality that a parent loses.
— Constance,American Horror Story I
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